Last Updated: Friday 13 January, 2012

Why You Need To Protect Your Home

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our family. Your home. Your Life. Nothing is more sacred or worth protecting.   Especially these days, every home in the U.S. should have a security system.

There are no guarantees. But, according to crime authorities at you can minimize the risks of burglary. Alarm systems are recognized as one of the most proven and effective deterrents to burglaries when set up correctly. Simply put, alarm systems increase a burglar’s level of fear that he will be caught. That’s good news because it means that your home is less likely to become a target for a crime. This can help you and your family feel safer, more protected and more at peace. The financial benefits are also an important factor since security systems help keep home insurance fees down.

We’re fortunate. Today’s technological advances make it easier, and more affordable for us to take advantage of even the simplest system designed to perform basic functions like immediately detect and alert you to any illegal, forced entry followed by notifying authorities.

Naturally, given the rapid pace of technology newer and more advanced wireless and Internet technologies offer more options.  Imagine having smart cameras installed to monitor your home, identifying any unusual, or suspicious activity.  Should this happen -- you’d be notified immediately regardless where you are.  With this kind of system you’d even know when your kids have arrived home safely, or be warned if your pipes were about to freeze and you’re on a business trip or on vacation.

You may not have known that depending on the type of security system you choose a significant portion of the expense may get absorbed by the reductions in your homeowner's coverage.

To make selecting and installing your system easy, follow these seven tips:

1. Don’t lease, instead, own your equipment. If you’re a homeowner your home should have its own security system. This is also an important feature for reselling – as your security system adds value to your home.

2. Avoid “free “alarm systems.  These, more often than not, come with a catch. In many cases you’ll get an sub-par system and then are forced to overpay for more equipment and a service contract.

3. Make sure the monitoring company you select is Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) approved which means they meet the highest standards and service requirements.

4. Look for a security company that handles all aspects of the system...that means from sale, to installation, to service and monitoring.  Many companies sell and service the system, but then  monitoring is outsourced – that’s not what you want.

5.    Make sure that your alarm company is available to service you 24/7.  You need to be able to count on them during off hours, holidays, weekends etc.

6.    Get multiple and specific quotes you can do a price and service comparison on the equipment and on-going monitoring rates.

7. Do your research for home security systems using a free and unbiased online service so you can get the lowest quotes from pre-screened alarm companies in your local area.

One of the best is BuyerZone.  That’s because BuyerZone over three million Americans have used this site to screen to save time and money. All you need to do is answer a few quick questions specific to your home and security needs, and they will find you the best bids from up to six, pre-screened local service providers.  BuyerZone. Is an incredible resource of reference material to better help you understand your options with a mission to save you as much as money as possible.
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Why You Need To Protect Your Home
Why You Need To Protect Your Home