Last Updated: Monday 23 January, 2012

How To Get A Killer Deal

best deal for events


ho doesn't love the excitement of a live event? That’s because being at a concert, sports event, or seeing live theatre is a happening that you can talk about – who knows maybe even to your grandkids.

Now those experiences can be even sweeter. That’s because ScoreBig allows you to see live events at a price that won’t cause you to suffer from sticker shock. You’ll save big bucks on tickets – even as much as 70%.

ScoreBig was developed by a team of die-hard live event fans who combined their professional ticketing expertise with the web to help passionate music lovers, sports fanatics and theatre-goers get more of what they want for less. What’s so cool about this is that ScoreBig actually helps sell the excess tickets that risk being unsold – making their solution a win-win for you the buyer, the producers, and artists and athletes.

It’s Easy, Here’s How it Works

You join for free and then you pick the event, where you want to sit and the number of tickets you need. You then have the power to make an offer (with some tips from ScoreBig). ScoreBig might come back with this buying guidance – “the face value plus service and delivery fee for this ticket is $150…with others saving more than 50% off the retail price within the last 24 hours…” This insight can help you make your offer and if your offer is accepted you’ll get the tickets. If you don’t get the offer, its likely that you’re get a different equally attractive counter offer.

Other things you should know about ScoreBig is that you’ll never get stuck having to pay for shipping or handling and every ticket is guaranteed to save you a minimum of 10%. And, in some cases you’ll be able to save up to 70% off.

If you’re wondering about the seating, here’s some reassurance. Many of the seats are in the three, four and five star seating section so don’t worry that you and your guests will be stuck in the nose bleeders.

Now you have no excuse to get out and have more fun at live events. just click here to get started.

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