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How To Get Past What’s Holding You Back From Buying Your Dream Home.

How To Get Past What’s Holding You Back From Buying Your Dream Home.


o one is immune.  Even if your credit rating is excellent, mistakes on your report could cost you thousands of dollars.

 What about when you refinanced your home loan?

Could you have gotten a better interest rate ?

Were you recently passed up for a promotion or pay raise?

Whether you have a great credit rating, average rating or below average rating, there is a good chance that there are mistakes on your credit report.

The U.S Public Research Interest Group did a survey in 2004, reviewing 200 consumer credit reports, and found that 80% had errors of some kind and 25% had serious mistakes.

These included the simplest mistakes  -- like misspelled names, birth dates or wrong addresses. While these mistakes may not seem like a big deal they could potentially delay a loan or or worse  -- confuse your credit with someone else's.

Some of the more serious errors included listing the same loan or mortgage more than once, showing closed credit cards as open, wrongfully listing payments as late or overdue. These mistakes on your credit report can have enough negative impact to affect your interest rates or prevent you from getting a loan. Your career could also be affected.

If you have an average or lower credit rating, the impact of a mistake or two on your credit report can be devastating. Lenders could denying you a home or car loans or only offer them to you at obscenely sky-high interest rates.

You may also run the risk of not being able to rent an apartment because of a credit report mistake.

Mistakes on your credit report can have a negative impact on nearly every aspect of your finances and career, but can be corrected, if they are found and removed. Legally you can do so within 30 days, but you'll have to check your credit reports again to be sure that these mistakes have been corrected.

Unfortunately, all of that checking, contacting and re-checking can take a lot of time, That's why more consumers are turning to professional services to check and correct their credit reports.

One of the most reliable law firms that specializes in credit repair is Lexington Law.

With over 17 years of experience t, Lexington Law has successfully helped over a half million consumers repair their credit reports and raise their credit scores. They will collect your most recent credit reports from the three main agencies and help you go over them and find any mistakes. Lexington Law will then take care of contacting the agencies, making sure the errors are corrected or removed and get your credit score back up where it belongs.

You shouldn't be paying for mistakes on your credit report, and the sooner you get them corrected the sooner you can start saving money. The higher your credit rating is, the lower your interest rates will be. So be pro-active and let Lexington Law help you get your numbers up where they belong.

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