Last Updated: Monday 23 January, 2012

How to Keep Up With Your Style

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f you’re like most women, you’d agree that it’s your shoes that make your outfit.

Without even thinking about it you know which shoes that work with your dark jeans, the ones that compliment your Saturday night out-on-the town-outfit and even the super comfortable ones you wear to run to the grocery store.  Let’s face it,you can have a relationship with your shoes.

If you’re thinking oh yeah, that’s me, you’re going to love JustFabulous – a new web service that understands and caters to women, just like you with a passion for shoes.

Its easy to become addicted to buying shoes. Shoes can make for a practical purchase – yet they offer so many emotional and transformative payoffs. The perfect pair of heels can make you appear taller, slimmer, or feel more feminine.

Shoes can no only last longer than clothes  -- because your shoe size doesn’t change like your jeans or dress size can, they may also be more versatile -- worn more often across a wide range of looks.

JustFabulous’s mission is to provide shoe addicts, like you with exactly what you’re looking for. This is achieved not only by offering thousands of styles but also your own personal stylist.  Here’s how it works – in three simple steps.

First step along your JustFabulous experience starts with your shoe personality quiz.  This quick and fun online survey allows you to shop through every imaginable shoe options as well as celebrity and designer looks that you rate. Your results determine your one-of-a-kind shoe style profile.

From there a team of celebrity stylists with experience and passion arefully handpick your collection of shoes and handbags customized to your personal preferences. Every month you’ll get new selections featuring five new shoe styles that you will love.

Step three, just go ahead and purchase only the selections you want to buy for only $39.95 each. Why $39.00? Because Just Fabulous is able to work with a small select group of high-end shoe designers and manufacturers, directly.  That means top quality without spending top dollar. 

And get this, shipping is 100% free – even on your exchanges – and you can get a full credit refund if you don’t experience shoe nirvana when they arrive.

No cost to join and no need to provide your credit card when you do, unless you want to buy right then and there.

Start stepping in style here

This article sponsored by JustFabulous Copyright 2011


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